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II. Package - Brick renovation and production.
  • II. Package - Brick renovation and production.

II. Package - Brick renovation and production.

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II. Package - Brick renovation and production.

1. Brick production

2. Raw materials for the production of bricks

3. Briefly - history of brick use

4. Brick architectural ceramics

5. Symptoms of damage, structures of brick walls, examples.

6. Rules for laying bricks in the wall

7. Jointing brick walls, fillin losses

8. Assessment of the state of preservation of bricks and brick walls

9. Cleaning the brick facade

10. Impregnation of the brick facade

10 lessons, approx. 15-25 slides with text and photos, arranged according to original autorisied tutorial programm (certified conservator works of art, teacher). Presentations with online teaching (each presentation time approx. 1 hour). Online - hours to be agreed.

The scope includes basic, but also comprehensive information on the types, properties and occurrence of stones in Poland, their use for historic and construction purposes. In the further part, the symptoms of stone damage are described and shown in order to identify and then to propose or familiarize themselves with the methods of cleaning stone surfaces available on the market, methods and materials used to fill in cavities in stones, and agents for impregnation and protection against harmful factors and pollution. Information on disinfection and color consolidation after the work was also included as the final aestheticization. The last lesson is to briefly show a few examples before, during and after renovation (case study).

This package prepares participants for work on the renovation of stone surfaces, but also in building area. IT IS NOT a form of a permit or authorization. The acquired knowledge should be reinforced by participation in workshops (later offer). Performing works on historic stone surfaces requires the management or supervision of a certified conservator of works of art according to the Monuments Protection Act (Law) of 23.07.2003.

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